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Instruction That Matters

I love working with students of all ages and abilities. My satisfaction comes from seeing students grow as analytic, creative beings and develop their skills in performance.  I am  eager to share our skills and experience, developing our students through the use of some of  the most magnificent repertoire of the past six centuries - and today.


With vast experience as performers and teachers, I  look forward to making your child’s musical journey one that is profoundly enriching and enjoyable!


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Sheet Music


Customized to fit your needs.  Personalized attention. Comprehensive musical training that teaches focus and an analytical mindset.

Centered around the art of collaborating with others, collaborative piano teaches partnership, leadership and transforms a student's musical experience 

After-school programs including customized group classes in piano, strings and singing that enhance your school's music curriculum and introduce students to foundational concepts in creativity and discipline.

Music sharpens the mind and cultivates the soul!  It can become a valuable companion, a creative outlet, or even a lifelong passion and shelter in times of trouble and uncertainty.

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Serving Plano and North Dallas


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