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Piano Note

My Work

Pianalogio Music Studio is offering customized lesson plans in all levels from beginner to collegiate, in solo and collaborative re repertoire , as well as early vocal training and repertoire coaching.  Serving the needs, goals and interests of each and every one of our students.

Piano Practice

Private lessons are designed for students who are looking for a customized lesson plan, tailored to their individual needs, goals and artistic interests.  In addition to working at the piano private sessions include off- bench lesson time  focused on  developing and improving the student's  aptitude and knowledge of musical concepts, aural, music theory and music literacy skills through practice drills, tutorials, listening activities, worksheets and games.
Students  are offered the opportunity to participate in a variety of events throughout the year, including recitals, performance festivals competitions, auditions, Texas Theory Exam, Royal Conservatory-Music Development Program, Suzuki Music Education Programs and more.  

One of the most significant and rewarding musical experiences is making music with other people! 

Students achieve the skills necessary to discover, explore, communicate with,  as well challenge each other and share their musical ideas in a variety of Chamber Music group settings

Flute Player

These are special introductory Music Education and Performance after school programs  especially tailored to enrich the students'  learning experience, develop their musical skills and appreciation of the arts, as well as enhance their cognitive development and academic performance. 

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